What is Interdimensional Healing?

Interdimensional Healing is a process of moving from dimension to dimension to identify negative frequencies, dense spots and holes, past life experiences and many other destructive energies that exist within us and direct our lives unconsciously. Within this process, we heal through the use of a combination of healing modalities.

My "Guidance" used a crystal as a model to explain this concept to me.

"Let's look at a crystal: Each facet is a dimension. As you look into the crystal you see lines that are the edge of each facet. You can see the lines that identify several facets at the same time. It is as if we are looking through portals into many dimensions at once. This is the joy of crystals. We can be in many places at the same time. That is life. We are here on the physical, yet there is a portal to another dimension just as in a crystal. We can step through that portal into another dimension at any time. You can feel the frequency change when you do this."

Loy Young, a reknown spiritual teacher, explains that we are made up of 4 levels: the spiritual, the mental, the emotional and the physical levels. Each one of those levels contains a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level within itself as well. For example with this understanding you see that there is an emotional aspect of your spiritual level or a mental facet of your physical level. Using the paradigm above, each one of those levels is like a facet of the crystal that in totality is you.

Cheri Huber and Nancy Spence, two noted Zen Monks/teachers/ therapists, use "sub-personalities" in their work to identify the various personalities that comprise you. In this approach your overall personality is made up of many different subpersonalities. Chloe Wordsworth has created and presently teaches her Holographic Repatterning technique. Through a series of questions and answers one identifies the negative frequencies that move one through life. After studying with each of the above teachers and learning each of their theories and techniques, Nirado has integrated them in her unique way with Interdimensional Healing using "guidance" to move the process along.

When we take each of these working theories and integrate them we find that each subpersonality has one or more levels within it. For instance, your emotional of the physical level may have formed a subpersonality from at the age of 6 when you had to leave home and go to school and now your life is driven by fear. That subpersonality is a frequency all it's own that you can feel. With interdimensional Healing you can learn to identify the frequencies of these subpersonalities and on what level (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) they are effecting you. With that understanding and "Guidance" chosen healing modality/ies, you can then shift the negative aspects of the subpersonality and frequency that have driven you and you can heal.

Nirado, with guidance, uses such healing tools as Reiki, Frequency Repatterning (Holographic Repatterning), Intuitive Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Meditation, Chakra Healing and Balancing, Bach Flower Remedies, Nutrition, Herbs, Gemstones and Homeopathy to meet your individual needs. She also works with vitamins in a holistic approach to health.

Results of Interdimensional Healing happen almost immediately because you are shifting frequencies of major belief systems. Immediate change can be experienced with Interdimensional Healing because shifts are happening all the way to the core of your being. The freedom and joy you experience from this work opens the way to loving yourself which is the greatest frequency of all.


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